The LOEB Fellowship

50 Years of
Loeb Fellowship

The Lifelong Fellowship

In celebration of its 50th anniversary year, the Loeb Fellowship is hosting a series of virtual programs over the course of academic year 2020-2021. Composed of three distinct but inter‐related components, this program—which will be presented on this page—aims to engage Loeb alumni, GSD faculty and students, GSD alumni, and the wider design community in targeted discussions on the social consequences of the built environment.

The Loeb Fellowship and its community are uniquely positioned to convene and contribute to critical conversations around social impact—especially in the current context of the COVID‐19 pandemic and anti‐racist protests and activism in the United States, spurred by the police killings of George Floyd and other Black Americans. Itself founded during a time of “crisis” in American cities, the Fellowship has a long history of advancing positive social outcomes in the U.S. and around the world, through practice within, across, and beyond the design disciplines.