Beyond Inclusion: The Role of the Built Environment in Advancing Equity


11/10/20 Loeb50: Design and Activism Now

HECTOR partner Damon Rich LF ’07 and Designing Justice + Designing Spaces cofounder Deanna Van Buren LF ’13 talk with Philadelphia Inquirer architecture critic Inga Saffron LF ’12 about engaging in activism while being part of a service profession.


9/17 50 (More) Years of Fellowship

A conversation between Loeb Fellowship curator John Peterson LF ’06, curator emeritus James Stockard LF ’78, moderated byTau Tavengwa LF ’18.

This conversation features three female practitioners from the worlds of media, planning and community development, design and architecture. Kimberly Driggins LF’16, Shaney Peña-Gómez LF’18, and Tracy Metz LF’07 engage in a conversation about their experiences as professionals in a predominantly male profession and discuss what true transformation and equity in the built environment look like.  They reflect on where we are as a profession and whether we are approaching diversity in a manner that will address the transformation necessary for the profession to reflect the complexity and diversity of the communities it’s meant to serve.

Design and Activism Now


HECTOR partner Damon Rich ’07 and Designing Justice + Designing Spaces cofounder Deanna Van Buren ’13 talk with Philadelphia Inquirer architecture critic Inga Saffron LF ’12 about engaging in activism while being part of a service profession.

50 (More) Years of Fellowship


Loeb Fellowship curator John Peterson ’06 and curator emeritus James Stockard ’78 reflect on the conditions that precipitated the founding of the program, what it has done in the last half century, what has changed, and what still needs to change in order for the founding vision of the Fellowship to be fulfilled. Moderated by Tau Tavengwa ’18.