The Loeb Fellowship is grateful for the continued financial support of its alumni and friends. We welcome donations in support of our Fellows and programs.



We are grateful that fellows stay active as Loeb and GSD alumni and contribute to initiatives that enrich the school.

William A. Doebele Fellowship in Community Design

Administered through the Office of Career Services, the Fellowship provides stipends for current GSD students to contribute design and planning skills through Community Service Fellowship Program summer internships in nonprofit or governmental organizations.

Elaine Zmuda
(MLA I AP ’24) will work for the Sweet Water Foundation in Chicago, Illinois. Sweet Water Foundation practices regenerative neighborhood development and utilizes a blend of urban agriculture, art, and education to transform vacant spaces and abandoned buildings into economically and ecologically productive and sustainable community assets that produce engaged youth, art, locally grown food, and affordable housing.

Boya Zhou
(MLA I AP ’23) worked with Matthew Mazzotta’18 and the St. Lawrence County Arts Council in Potsdam, New York.

Sarah Page (MAUD ’23) worked at Broad Community Connections in New Orleans as a research and design intern.

Austin Sun (MArch I / MLA I ’24) worked at MASS Design Group where he will help on a project for a year round market and community food center in downtown Albuquerque.

Ilana Curtis (MDes Publics ’23) worked at the High Line Network in New York City.

Stockard Fellowship

The Stockard Fellowship celebrates James G. Stockard, Jr., (MCP ’68, LF ’78) who helped shape the Loeb Fellowship into a powerful force for positive change while inspiring a sense of social responsibility in countless GSD students. This Fund recognizes a meritorious student from any design discipline who shares Stockard’s commitment to advancing smart design concepts in affordable housing.

Abdul-Razak Zachariah MUP ’23 was the 2022-2023 Stockard Fellow.  Read his report.

Druker Traveling Fellowship

Established in 1986 by Ronald M. Druker LF ’76 and by the Trustees of the Bertram A. Druker Charitable Foundation, the Druker Traveling Fellowship is open to all GSD Master’s degree candidates who demonstrate excellence in the design of urban environments. The fellowship offers students the opportunity to travel domestically or abroad to pursue study that advances their understanding of urban design.

Carolyn Angius MUP ’19 What Does a Gender-Inclusive City Look Like? Lessons from public spaces, transportation systems, and housing developments designed for gender equity

Laura Greenberg MAUD ’20 Exploring EcoDistricts

Selkregg Innovation Fund

The Selkregg Loeb Fellowship Innovation Fund will allow the Loeb Fellowship Curator John Peterson (LF ’06) to explore ways to innovate and expand, building above and beyond the already influential program.

From time to time individual Loeb alumni create funds that support initiatives close to their hearts. The Phil Freelon Fellowship Fund is one such project that provides financial aid to expand academic opportunities for underrepresented students at the GSD. The Margaret McCurry Lecture in Design Arts supports an occasional lecture in the GSD schedule.