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Get acquaintedwith the 2022 Loebs

Get acquaintedwith the 2022 Loebs

The Loeb Fellowshipis designed for

civic leaders, journalists, architects, technologists, urban planners and designers, activists, landscape architects, policy makers, and public artists

who come from around the world to the Harvard Graduate School of Design with one purpose: to make the world a better place for all.


The 2022Loeb Fellows

The COVID Pivota Loeb conversation

The COVID Pivot

The corona virus pandemic has demanded resiliency from all of us, and Loebs above all are inventive and adaptable. A recent Zoom Forum presented a conversation among four Loebs who are responding to the pandemic in creative, energetic ways.
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Dogging a Boondoggle:Arif Khan Takeson a Highway

Dogginga Boondoggle:Arif KhanTakes on a Highway

Arif Khan reached out to Loebs about an issue that caught his attention: a proposal to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to widen a sleepy highway through the Hudson Valley.
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Confrontingthe Life Aquaticin Bangkok

Confrontingthe Life Aquaticin Bangkok

Deborah Morris reviews the Loeb Fellowship’s trip to Thailand in February and what she learned about Bangkok’s life on water.
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