We believe Loeb Fellows will best succeed at shaping the built and natural environment by drawing upon the full range of people who live, work, and play there.

Fundamental to the Loeb Fellowship is the belief that the experience of the year in residence is enhanced by sharing it with people from a wide variety of cultural heritages, lived experiences, and professional backgrounds. The ideal fellows share the Fellowship’s value of mutual learning with people from different perspectives and cultures.

We strongly encourage practitioners from various racial, ethnic, and cultural identities; disciplines; geographies; socio-economic circumstances; educational backgrounds, and professionals with experience in diverse community settings to consider applying to the Fellowship. A completed degree in higher education is not a requirement. Professionals with atypical backgrounds or unusual career paths, who have demonstrated the capacity to make a difference in their fields, are encouraged to apply.

The Loeb Fellowship collaborates with the GSD’s Office for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging and supports GSD student groups in developing activities for a more rich and inclusive community, including Black in Design, Women in Design, Queer in Design, Latin GSD, and the African American Student Union.