How to Apply

Please read the following information and FAQs carefully before considering an application and before contacting the Loeb Fellowship office with questions. If your questions are not answered in our materials, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Application Process

The Loeb Fellowship has an online application process that is typically open from late summer until early January for a Fellowship during the following academic year. All candidates are required to submit an application, three (3) letters of recommendation, and a resume. Supplemental materials are optional but highly recommended. If you have specific questions about the online application process, please contact the Loeb Fellowship office.

Online Application

You will be asked to register in order to submit an online application via SlideRoom. Please answer all questions on the application form, taking notice of the suggested length for answers.

Application Fee

There is currently no fee to apply for the Loeb Fellowship.

Letters of Recommendation

Deadline for letters of recommendation is the same as the application due date.

During the online application, you will be asked to enter the names and contact information for 3 professional associates who will provide letters of recommendation. A request to your recommenders will be sent to them immediately by the online application system, SlideRoom. Please alert your recommenders that the request will be from SlideRoom and not from the Loeb Fellowship. (You do not have to complete the application process for the request to recommenders to be set in motion). They will receive instructions to enter their recommendations into the online system.

Letters from colleagues, clients, collaborators and individuals who are knowledgeable about your work will carry the most weight. Letters are confidential and are not available to the applicant.


You will be prompted to attach a copy of your professional resumé. Please be sure that it includes dates of your work history. While the Loeb Fellowship does not have any educational or degree requirements for admission, if you have earned degrees, please include the name of the educational institution, degree granted (do not use initials), and the year you received the degree.

Portfolio and Supplemental Materials

During the online application process, you will be asked if you want to submit your portfolio and/or supplemental materials, such as articles, books, videos, visual representations, lectures, or similar indicators of your work. The submission of supplemental materials is optional; however, we strongly encourage applicants to submit up to five documents illustrating their work.

Reapplication Process

If you were an applicant in a previous year, to reapply you must complete a new application through the online system, including contact information, forms, resume, portfolio, and/or supplemental materials. Letters of recommendation from the immediate previous year will be available to us; however it is advisable to obtain at least one new letter that reflects work during the intervening year(s). Letters of recommendation from years prior will not be accepted.

Selection Process

A Selection Committee comprising three faculty members from the GSD, three alumni of the Loeb Fellowship, two outside practitioners, and the curator of the program will review all applications and select approximately 20 shortlisted applicants by the end of February. All applicants will be advised of their status by early March. Each shortlisted applicant will then have up to three separate interviews: one with the Curator, one with a member of the Selection Committee, and a third with someone who has knowledge of the program. The Committee will meet in mid-April to select 9 or 10 Fellows. Fellows will be notified of their selection by the end of April.

Selection for the Loeb/ArtLab Fellowship

Candidates who indicate interest in being considered for the Loeb/ArtLab Fellowship will also be reviewed by ArtLab during the admissions process. If the applicant is selected for a Loeb Fellowship and also meets ArtLab’s selection criteria, they may then be offered the opportunity to become a joint Loeb/ArtLab Fellow.