Loeb50 Urban/Rural: Divided or Cojoined

4/13/22, 12 noon ET

As the United States and societies around the world grapple with climate impacts, systemic racism, economic disparities, inequitable access to nature, and the challenges of providing clean air and water to their populations, the critical roles that rural communities and landscapes provide for climate resilience, economic opportunity, and nature conservation are often overlooked. 

Mitigation strategies for climate change impacts cannot focus exclusively on urban or rural geographies but rather must cross those boundaries and explore solutions that utilize a synergistic approach. Loeb50 Urban/Rural: Divided or Cojoined will explore these urban/rural issues, along with including the equity issues raised as climate change disproportionately affects low-income and communities of color, and defining areas for collective engagement and action. 

This panel and participatory conversation begins with a high-level description of climate change impacts and resiliency attributes across the U.S. by Mark Anderson, Director of Science for The Nature Conservancy. Dr. Anderson is joined by Loeb Alumni Mary Means LF ’82 and Kolu Zigbi LF ’15, who share how their deep practical experience in the rural/urban interface influences their thinking and action in this era of the climate crisis. Discussion and audience Q+A follow.

Peter Stein
Mary MeansKolu ZigbiMark Anderson, The Nature Conservancy