Alberto Kritzler is a Mexican developer committed to responsible land transformation practices and passionate about how city making can improve communities’ wellbeing.

He co-founded Reurbano, an adaptive reuse development company with three premises: to reuse existing buildings, reactivate the street-level, and rethink ways of living, working, and moving through cities. Kritzler founded La Reserva to protect a rainforest by creating a collectivist-model landscape-driven regenerative community around it, which achieved water autonomy by harvesting rainwater.

His latest venture, La Laguna, focused on transforming a 90-year-old textile factory into a co-production hub for design-driven businesses, combining small-scale industrial production with cultural, social, and educational initiatives in Mexico City. Kritzler serves on the boards of an NGO delivering life skills to marginalized communities, a B-Certified coffee producer, and Mexico’s largest 102-year old ceramics manufacturer

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