Pallavi Mande talks about her work.

Pallavi Kalia Mande, director of Blue Cities at the Charles River Watershed Association, has been involved with water-centric environmental restoration work in the Boston metropolitan area for over a decade. Under her leadership, the Blue Cities Initiative has grown to include planning, design and implementation of a number of green infrastructure projects within the Charles watershed and beyond.

Mande currently is managing demonstration projects in Boston, Chelsea, Watertown, and Franklin while being involved in advocacy efforts across the watershed. She is leading the charge on sustainable storm water management and resiliency as part of the task force on the redesign of the I-90 interchange in North Allston. She is also deeply involved in public education and outreach efforts focused on urban restoration. She conducts public forums with stakeholders ranging from public agencies and institutions to private land owners and developers, as well as the community at large.

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