Video by Maggie Janik, production assistance Barbara Epstein

Stephanie Hankey is a designer, activist and social entrepreneur with over 20 years experience exploring the social and political impact of technology on society. As a practitioner and field leader she works across disciplines – technology, design, art and politics.

She helped establish the technology support for civil society sector in 1998 working as a funder at the Open Society Foundation before cofounding Tactical Tech in 2003, which pioneered work on digital security and privacy for human rights. Stephanie has a degree in design and art history and a master’s in computer related design from the Royal College of Art.

She was awarded an Ashoka Fellowship for her work as a social entrepreneur and in 2017 became a visiting industry fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute for her work linking personal data to political targeting.

Stephanie now serves as the executive director of Tactical Tech, which has grown to become a leading international NGO at the forefront of capacity building and public education on technology, society, rights and justice. Stephanie co-curated the award winning touring exhibition, the “Glass Room.” enabling over 220,000 people in 47 countries to reflect on their relationship with technology and its impact on their environment. In parallel, she teaches emerging and leading practitioners technology and design ethics at design schools in Europe. Her current work focuses on the increasing use of data technologies in response to short and long emergencies, from the pandemic to climate change.

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