Loeb50 Urban/Rural: Divided or Cojoined

4/13/22, 12 noon ET

With its long history of advancing positive social outcomes in the US and around the world, the Loeb Fellowship community is uniquely positioned to convene and contribute to critical conversations around social impact—especially in the context of the COVID‐19 pandemic and anti‐racist protests and activism in the United States, spurred by the police killings of George Floyd and other Black Americans. In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the Loeb Fellowship hosted a series of virtual programs during the academic year 2020-2021 to examine the social consequences of the built environment.

This important conversation explores mitigation strategies for climate change impacts which bridge the urban and rural divide. The panelists bring deep practical experience to the challenge of formulating a synergistic approach to address climate resilience, economic opportunity, nature conservation and equity issues.

Mobility in the Post Pandemic City

11.12.2021, 12-1pm ET

Andrew Salzberg ’20 moderates a panel on the shifts to urban life and transportation caused by Covid and the implications for the future viability of cities and our ability to steer urban transportation toward the zero emissions future we urgently need.