Claudia Dobles Camargo is an architect and presidential advisor with more than 12 years of experience that focuses on urban mobility, affordable and social housing, community engagement, climate change, and fair transition.

She currently lives in San José, Costa Rica where she serves as the first lady of Costa Rica, working as a leading political coordinator for the infrastructure, transport, and mobility sector and coleading, along with the president, the Costa Rican National Decarbonization Plan. As a presidential advisor, Claudia advocated creating a legal framework for the first time in Costa Rica so the first lady or the first gentleman can go beyond traditional duties. Prior to becoming the first lady, she worked in the private sector as a regional design leader for a multinational firm working on large scale
projects in several countries from Latin America and the United States.

Claudia graduated as an architect from the University of Costa Rica in 2011, and as an undergraduate she participated as a visiting student at Kanto Gakuin University in Yokohama, Japan, for a sustainability approach in architecture.

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