Ms. Padmodipoetro founded Urban Idea Lab in 2013 in order to focus on improving the practice of urban design and architecture on large infrastructure projects. As Principal of Urban Idea Lab, she leads a team of urban designers and architects.

She believes that the key to success is to view every project first as a part of city and neighborhood building, by establishing a strong collaboration and working closely with the communities and other stakeholders from the project inception. She has worked on the development of master plans, parkland, buffer areas, development parcels, transportation projects, highway architecture, bridges, and integrated public arts. A significant part of her work focuses on accessibility in its broadest sense; including the many forms of physical, visual and cognitive mobility limitations that must be addressed for projects to be successfully inclusive.

Ms. Padmodipoetro, and Urban Idea Lab, focus on the importance of integrating inclusive public spaces in every aspect of infrastructure design. She strives to find the balance between the often-large scale transportation infrastructure and the surrounding communities and neighborhoods. She is currently working on several major infrastructure projects including pedestrian and bicycle bridges as part of the Allston I-90 Intermodal Interchange Improvement Project, the Northern Avenue Bridge Project in Boston, and the Rourke Bridge in Lowell Massachusetts. Her largest current project is with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, at which she is developing new accessibility guidelines and providing urban design/architecture services on the Green Line Transformation Project for the MBTA.

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