Jeana Dunlap has engaged with public and private interests to direct multi-million dollar initiatives supporting development, infrastructure, sustainability and preservation since 2004. She appreciates the need for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches when tackling disruptive redevelopment efforts to improve quality of life and place. While facilitating change through the built environment is critical, Jeana also believes that changing mindsets is paramount to achieving vibrant communities. Jeana is bold and unique in her ability to find common ground and facilitate effective communications for greater understanding between disparate sectors of the community.

Ms. Dunlap Jeana is leading a newly-formed progressive practice that works to co-create an environment where access and ambition prevail in both the social and built environments. META Agency, LLC aims to do more than help clients navigate challenging circumstances. We strive for clients and stakeholders alike to thrive. All aspects of our client services and strategic guidance operate in the spirit of collaboration and collegiality, serving and supporting one another, as equally valued contributors and co-designers. META Agency promotes equitable investment practices, distribution of digital infrastructure and instilling confidence among those living in and personally vested in distressed neighborhoods.

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