Pierre-Emmanuel Becherand is head of design, arts and urban development for the Grand Paris Express project. With the construction of 125 miles of metro lines in a suburban ring around Paris (at a total cost of $38 billion), this is currently the largest urban project in Europe.

Pierre-Emmanuel’s work is focused on the relationship between mobility, urban planning, and social change. As an expert in urban public policy, architectural commissioning, and public art, he is the founder of the artistic and architectural program “L’art du Grand Paris,” setting up exclusive collaborations between artists and architects for each of the 68 new metro stations, as well as cultural initiatives (construction parties, artistic residencies, workshops, exhibitions, etc.) designed to involve local communities in public decision making and enhance its social impact. For over 10 years, he has been passionately committed to transforming this infrastructure, frequented in 2030 by more than 2 million commuters per day, into a unique collection of art, architecture and urban innovation.

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