Meet the Loeb Fellows '18

As Senior advisor to the Director-General of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Samuel Bonnet provides guidance on operational and organizational adaptations necessary to an enhanced coordination of humanitarian and development efforts in countries affected by protracted armed conflicts.

Prior to joining the Office of the Director-general, Bonnet was Head of construction of the ICRC and led large-scale health infrastructure projects in countries affected by armed conflicts and natural disasters.
In this position, he significantly contributed to the development of a meaningful humanitarian response in urban areas. He oversaw projects in more than 20 countries, notably in Haiti, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Myanmar. Bonnet authored the Physical Rehabilitation Centres Architectural Programming Handbook and participated in the writing of several interagency manuals on design standards in humanitarian environments.

Bonnet graduated from a French Grande École and was a partner at a prominent, Paris-based international firm that pioneered sustainable construction. He has also taught Urban Planning at several graduate schools of architecture and urban planning.

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