Tawkiyah Jordan is the vice president of housing and community strategy at the US Office of Habitat for Humanity International, with over two decades of experience as an urban planner.

Throughout her career, she has been dedicated to advocating for communities and fostering equitable outcomes for marginalized populations. She is known as an ally, political strategist, convener, and policy expert.

Tawkiyah’s journey began in the vibrant yet turbulent neighborhoods of New York City, where she witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by under-resourced communities. This experience ignited her curiosity about the intricate dynamics of cities and the decision making processes that shape them. She has immersed herself in working with disinvested communities, leading environmental justice campaigns, major transportation and open space development initiatives, and efforts to implement inclusionary zoning to drive housing production across the city.

Tawkiyah joined New York City government to lead the city planning department study focussed on the removal of the Sheridan Expressway in the southern Bronx. Today the highway is redesigned and reconstructed, allowing direct community access to the Bronx riverfront and opening up opportunity for the development of thousands of units of affordable housing. The success of the project lay in her teams’ innovative approach to the planning and design process, which served as a tool to achieve consensus, empower communities, and navigate complex power dynamics within government.

In her current role at Habitat for Humanity, Tawkiyah leads a nationally focused set of strategic investments in affordable housing and housing innovations. Her work is guided by a firm belief in the power of evidence based strategies to produce more equitable outcomes for marginalized communities. By leveraging her expertise and networks, she is committed to fostering engagement and amplifying the voices of those often overlooked in decision making processes.

Tawkiyah works to embody the values of integrity, compassion, and resilience. She is deeply inspired by the resilience of the communities she serves and is committed to continuing move toward justice and equity in all aspects of her work.

She received her master’s in urban planning from the University of Michigan.

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