Video by Maggie Janik, production assistance Barbara Epstein

Will Hunter is a writer, entrepreneur and educator. He is the founder of the London School of Architecture, which he conceived in 2010 as an alternative educational model to widen access into the architectural profession.

He completed his tenure as its first chief executive in June 2021. Pursuing new opportunities arising from post-pandemic working patterns, Will recently set up Equilio, a nascent prop-tech startup to explore ways of developing communities that balance living and working, city and rural, humanity and the planet. An architecture graduate from University College London and the Royal College of Art, he taught at the latter school for several years on the master’s programme. He was executive editor of the Architectural Review and is cofounder of Citizen magazine.

Will is a fellow of the Legatum Institute, which has a mission to create pathways from poverty to prosperity, and a founding board member of Fast Forward 2030, which is part of the Institute for Global Prosperity.

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