The COVID Pivot
a Loeb conversation

The COVID Pivot

Barbara Epstein
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April 24, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has demanded resiliency from all of us, and Loebs above all are inventive and adaptable. They are practicing social distancing the best way they know—by coming together. A recent Zoom Forum, an experiment for the Loeb alumni community, presented a conversation among four Loebs who are responding to the pandemic in creative, energetic ways. Their remarks will interest you–just follow the links.


A Crisis on Top of a Crisis

Brett Moore, Geneva, Switzerland, LF ’16
Chief of Shelter and Settlements, UN High Commissioner for Refugees

The Most Vulnerable Communities

Samuel Bonnet, Geneva, Switzerland, LF ’18
Senior Advisor to the Director-General, International Committee of the Red Cross

An Unexpected Opportunity

Deanna Van Buren, Oakland, CA, LF ’13
Cofounder, Designing Justice + Designing Spaces

The State of Design During COVID

Cathleen McGuigan, New York, NY LF ’93
Editor in Chief, Architectural Record

Moderator, Chee Pearlman, New York, NY, LF ‘11
Arts and Design Curator, TED Conferences